CLOUD BASED – Architected with HTML 5 e-SURETY™ can use any browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Azure is an ideal platform designed for high availability, highly scalable applications with geo-redundancy.

RULES BASED – The Surety Department can ask any question on any bond and set rules to evaluate the answer to any of those questions on every life cycle event of a bond.

DECISION ENGINE – Answers to questions can drive bond pricing, acceptance, declination, or referral to underwriting for a manual decision.

DECISION ENGINE INTEGRATION TO 3rd PARTY DATA – e-SURETY™ supports pulling in data from any third party data source (TPDS) a customer requires. Current supported TPDS examples are: OFAC, Credit Reports, Credit Card, CA MVD, and address verification.

PDF DOCUMENTS – The documents associated with any life cycle event (new bond purchase, renewals, riders, cancellation initiation, reinstatement, or final cancel) are produced with each transaction. These documents are available for printing and are retained as a historical record.

POWERS OF ATTORNEY – Powers are created at the time of the final transaction approval and are part of the document set for that transaction. Each POA can be as transactionally specific as the surety deems necessary.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES AND SEALS – Embed signatures and seals in any document (notary, attorney-in-fact, etc.) as well as dynamic checkpoints to ensure consent to transactionally specific terms and conditions prior to being able to complete a bond transaction.

INTEROPERABILITY – Support for internal two-way data exchange for customer specific work flows such as fulfillment house periodic batch printing or accounts payable or receivable flags. We also support for two-way data exchange for third party programs such as ImageWrite, Insurity , OneShield, SalesForce, among others.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI) – Prebuilt ETL routines that integrate, transform, and load data from your e-SURETY transactional database into an optimized reporting database that can be used to report or analyze your book of business that is only limited by your imagination.