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The Global Surety Success™ Platform
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Fresh thinking provides innovative solutions to help carriers cut costs, reduce risks, enhance the customer’s experience, and respond rapidly to market changes for commercial and contract bonds. All our solutions are aggressively...Learn More


We serve one industry and focus on one challenge - building software products for surety carriers worldwide so they can meet and exceed their goals and expectations.


We have a 17 year record of successful transformation of over 32 surety carriers because our software enables them to make the changes they need to be competitive and succeed in a time of rapid industry transformation. Learn More


Our software is designed to be managed by surety department professionals for the customer facing portion of the application as well an enabling updates to in-force bonds, or even moving an entire book of business in minutes (not months),...Learn More



Powerful, feature rich software, aggressively updated and supported, that is priced simply and affordably.


Contract Bonds

e-SURETY provides an Underwriter’s Toolbox containing all of the analytical tools an Underwriter needs to financially...
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Commercial Bonds

Applicants or their agents select and complete live web applications which results in a real-time quote or referral in seconds...
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Business Intelligence

Accurate and timely data is the keystone to effective management of the Enterprise at every level.
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Our simplified subscription model includes premium level services features such as application hosting and all software maintenance & support.
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Our company has an unparalleled 17 year track record of success in aggressively developing, deploying, and supporting e-SURETY™ and its companion products to globally recognized sureties as well as to start-up sureties. Learn More

Product Design

e-SURETY™ is an HTML 5 compliant browser based application for carriers to manage and automate every aspect of commercial and contract surety underwriting, distribution, and management. Intentionally designed for carrier personnel to be able to... Learn More


Reporting and Analysis

e-SURETY™ has extensive and powerful analytical and reporting capabilities. While powerful, these reports and analysis tools have been designed to be straight forward to use for the average end-user. Learn More

Agent Portal

All any agent needs is a browser and a connection to the Internet to be able to apply for or access any bond in e-SURETY™. Intentionally designed for simplicity and ease of use our clients... Learn More



As an Enterprise solution application deployed across a number of sophisticated carriers nationwide we have extensive experience in providing data exchange or interoperability capabilities with vended systems (i.e. ImageRight®, One Shield®, Insurity®) and our client's own internally developed systems (i.e. batch printing, AR or AP flags, among others).

Foundation Technology

e-SURETY™ is a modern enterprise application with benefits such as browser agnosticism with HTML5; MVC5, Entity framework 6; a well architected separation of concerns with dedicated layers for data access, business logic, and presentation. Architected specifically to leverage Azure cloud technology for scalability and security... Learn More

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Cloud Based

Architected with HTML 5 e-SURETY™ can use any browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and is hosted on Microsoft Azure..
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Rules Based

The Surety Department can ask any question on any bond and set rules to evaluate the answer to any of those questions on every life cycle event of a bond.

Decision Engine

Answers to questions can drive bond pricing, acceptance, declination, or referral to underwriting for a manual decision.
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3rd Party Data Integration

e-SURETY™ supports pulling in data from any third party data source (TPDS) a customer requires. Current supported TPDS examples are: OFAC, Credit Reports, Credit Card, CA MVD, and address verification.
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PDF Documents

The documents associated with any life cycle event (new bond purchase, renewals, riders, cancellation initiation, reinstatement, or final cancel) are produced with each transaction and available for printing and is retained in an historical record.


Business Intelligence

Prebuilt ETL routines that integrate, transform, and load data from your e-SURETY™ transactional database into an optimized reporting database that can be used to report or analyze your book of business that is only limited by your imagination.

Electronic Signatures and Seals

Embed signatures and seals in any document (notary, attorney-in-fact, etc) as well as dynamic checkpoints to ensure consent to transactionally specific terms and conditions prior to be able to complete a bond transaction.

Power of Attorney

Powers are created at the time of the final transaction approval and are part of the document set for that transaction. Each POA can be as transactionally specific as the surety deems necessary.
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Simple. Straight forward. Incredible ROI.

*This information is provided for informational purposes only. A formal offer to purchase is made solely on an individual basis.

Commercial Bond

w/ 3 year subscription

  • Updates and Support
  • Credit Bureau Interface
  • Electronic Payment Interface
  • Full Hosting Services
  • Training (Priced Separately)
  • Set-up and Configuration (Priced Separately)

Contract Bond

w/ 3 year subscription

  • Updates and Support
  • Credit Bureau Interface
  • Electronic Payment Interface
  • Full Hosting Services
  • Training (Priced Separately)
  • Set-Up and Configuration (Priced Separately)


  • "We've found e-SURETY to be more intuitive than other surety companies' proprietary online systems, which we have used with mixed results"

    PLC Contract Bonding Agency

  • "The e-SURETY product is a completely Web-enabled system that allows our Surety Division and its agents to easily create and issue a variety of new bonds through the internet. This product supports Hanover's growth strategies through the use of innovative technologies."

    The Hanover Insurance Group

  • "Our choice of e-SURETY was based on a combination of system functionality and their ability to dovetail with our back end legacy systems !"

    Westfield Insurance

  • "We use e-SURETY because it's easy to use, simple, and my bonds are issued quickly without any issues."

    Construction Bonds Inc.

  • "It is great to know that within minutes of entering information into the system that a bond can be executed and sent to the client"

    CCI Surety, Inc


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